Galaxy S10 will be the feature of Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Within the recent leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S10 base, revealed one of the sources when possible to support the phones for wireless charging is the reverse, such as Huawei dead 20 Pro Final, which was reaffirmed during the recent period.

According to the new leaks, you will be providing a special wireless charging reverse phones Galaxy S10 three, including a lite version, that bears the name of Powershare.

But despite that, it is not yet clear how the process of this technique, so that the wireless charging traditional still a bit slow what will make the process of charging the phone for another phone is not practical.

But as the time is still early, it is possible that Samsung has invented a better solution than the technique of Huawei, which is what we immediately detect series Galaxy S10.

Source: sammobile

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