Galaxy S10 started receiving the Android 10 demo with the interface, One UI 2.0

Today began the Android 10 access for Galaxy S10 formally with the interface, One Ui 2.0, the new and this, of course, within the pilot phase of the Beta Program any to Android version 10 this is not a finalist.

Most likely this update will be released for all users in the different countries of the world but it will start in the United States, South Korea, Germany, and indeed may become available in the United States this morning as was mentioned before in the news earlier this update will not be available to everyone, so if it became available in my country were to subscribe immediately.

The new update will come with multiple improvements including the arrival of the dark mode of this while it is already available in the interface, One UI the situation dark your Android 10 is characterized in that it integrates with the rest of the applications.

To participate in this demo update Download Application Samsung Members and make sure you do your notifications of this app, where it once would be an update available in your country will send you the application notice! So far we don’t know what the fate not of this update the demo, however, earlier reports confirmed that he is on his way for Galaxy S9 also.

Source: 9to5Google

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