Galaxy S10 on Exynos discharged by themselves. We have the solution

Line of Exynos processors own production company Samsung has never been known for their energy efficiency, and this year the new flagship Galaxy S10 even more pushed her from a foothold on first place in the world of Android smartphones Qualcomm Snapdragon. Recently edition phoneArena has conducted a comparison of the two versions of the Galaxy S10, in which stood the Exynos and Snapdragon chipsets, and the model with the Snapdragon 855 not only surpassed the Exynos performance, but also worked for an hour longer than its counterpart in the test battery.

But on this issue, unfortunately, does not end there. Over the last couple of weeks in user reports from around the Internet revealed few errors affecting all model Galaxy S10, which further reduces the battery life on the latest flagship smartphones by Samsung.

First, this so-called “sensor error of approximation”, where the phone by mistake turns screen off in your pocket or bag. To solve this problem at the moment, you can disable “Lift to Wake” and “Tap to Wake” on the Galaxy S10, as the phone seems to be responsive to any movement or accidental touch.

As reported by many owners of new products from Samsung, when you carry the smartphone in your pocket with the screen facing the leg, it can “Wake up” from the touch display to the thigh, and such persistent activation of the screen, the other, mercilessly sagaut the battery. The bug is “Lift to Wake”, apparently, is called a random movement which smartphone interpretered as intentional.

But there is another, perhaps more disturbing problem that affects the Samsung Galaxy S10 with processore Exynos. Many users of new products complain of severe battery drain on their smartphones.

Resource users XDA and Reddit have compared the results of the work from one battery of their Galaxy S10 chipset Exynos, running various tests, and found out what’s causing the serious battery drain with no load for some users. Yes, this problem, fortunately, appeared not many from terribly short battery life, as we know at the moment, suffered only a few people, while most owners of Galaxy S10 fully satisfied with the battery life of their devices.

It is already known that the problem is caused by making and receiving VoIP calls for Galaxy S10, and it only affects versions of the smartphone based on Exynos. This error is caused by making or receiving VoIP calls through apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and any others that support this feature and do not allow the smartphone to go into a state of deep sleep in standby mode.

It is also reported that this error is caused by a problem with the proximity sensor and will prevent switching the phone to sleep mode until it is restarted. This means that the processor continues to operate at high frequencies, even when the device is not used. Even record a voice message in any of these instant messengers is that, as mentioned bug.

The only solution currently found for this problem is a restart of the Galaxy S10 after each call VoIP. Please note that the implementation of the normal calls do not cause this error. That’s why many people who are not using VoIP, the battery life was much better than those who do.

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