Galaxy S10 is coming at a higher price than the Galaxy S9

Revealed the source of the Italian pricing of the phones Galaxy S10 base, to show us that prices will continue to rise.

We should note first that the prices observed here, especially by the EU which are usually elevated from the rest of the markets.

The report stated that prices start from 779 euros (3319 SR) for the S10E Economic, up to 1599 euros (6813 Sr) the most powerful version of the Galaxy +S10, where he reported that the S10E will be available in one copy by the EU, the S10 in two versions similar to the Note 9, and+S10 will be available in three versions.

Prices Galaxy S10

Phone Options memories:
RAM / storage
Galaxy S10E 128/4 gigabytes €779 (3319 SR)
Galaxy S10 128/6 gigabytes €929 (3959 SR)
Galaxy S10 512/8 gigabytes €1179 (5024 SR)
Galaxy +S10 128/6 gigabytes €1049 (4470 SR)
Galaxy +S10 512/8 gigabytes €1299 (5535th meeting SR)
Galaxy +S10 12 gigabytes / 1 TB €1599 (6813 SR)

All phones Galaxy S10 mentioned above are supporting the 4G network, where it requires the report to copy the Galaxy S10 of the fourth support 5G, which reports indicate it will feature a 6.7-inch rear camera quad-core, and ceramic.

Talking about the advantages of gear, features S10E the S10 front camera mono, while features +S10 front camera double. Come to all versions of the S10 in the back with a double 12 maps, one master and the other the lens wide, to be added to each of the S10 the S10 Plus a third camera, a proximity sensor heartbeat.

Also expected to come all models screen more, but the 5.8 inch display on the S10E 6.1 inch on the S10 and 6.4 inch +S10.

Finally, recall that the Samsung select on 20 February for the official announcement for phones Galaxy S10.

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