Galaxy S10 gets a new mode for night photography

Link update Galaxy S10 the new Night Camera, includes Update security patch for the month of April, and the first wave of the challenge users in Switzerland that is working update for everyone late April or first of May.

And comes Night Mode the new software and promotion of photography in, unlike what was rumored, all of what I did. Samsung is the separation feature Bright Night a special status, so don’t expect improvement to the quality of export dim lighting.

However, the app might seem to the user to use Night Mode whenever he likes, while he was doing the situation previously automatically when low illumination as one of the scenes that have artificial intelligence.

We are still waiting for Samsung to promote night photography in its phones, so that the new situation in the Galaxy S10 amounts to rival Huawei phones P20 Pro and 20 Pro of last year, and amounts to rival P30 Pro.

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Currently no update is available outside of Switzerland, but can lose access in the coming days of the system updates within the Settings app.

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