Galaxy S10 features a new generation of memory at a higher speed 1.5 x

Confirmed the latest leaks that Samsung will bring the memory of LPDDR5 DRAM at higher speed 1.5 x time in the next versions of the Galaxy S10.


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Use Samsung to reveal the possible versions of the series phones Galaxy S10 during the next month, but the leaks that reveal more details about the phone did not stop until now, where the latest leaks that Samsung will bring the new generation of memory in the next versions to support the higher speed 1.5 x times from the current versions in the data storage.

Has Samsung announced in July last year from memory LPDDR5 DRAM new that come improvement in performance compared to the current version LPDDR4 memory, and has confirmed leaks that Samsung offers a new generation of memory LPDDR5 DRAM distinctive versions associated with of the Galaxy S10.

So we might see higher-level data is stored in the enabled versions of the Samsung up to 51.2 GB per second, a speed leader to support some features in the phone including the 4K video recording for example, or feature to modify images, along with playback of video content.

Also scheduled to support the new generation of memory characteristic of artificial intelligence for phones, to provide performance more speed to support the user, as well as supporting this memory the technique of calling networks 5G, which need higher efficiency is definitely in the speed of communication speed is also higher in data transfer.

It is also expected that LPDDR5 DRAM that supports longer battery life, as projections indicate that these new specifications in memory will lead to the increase of the production cost of the phone, so you may not come in all editions of the company at the end, where it is expected to come in the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10 5G, also will not featuring Galaxy S10E new generation of memory.

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