Galaxy S 10 will not support communication via a fifth-generation

Samsung confirmed it’s Galaxy S 10 home the beginning of next year will support technology connect via 5G, and instead the Korean company intends to launch another smartphone supports this technology.

Despite the fact that Samsung invested during the last period of about 22 billion USD in the development of some techniques such as the 5G and intelligence industry, but they are not planning to insert the technical contact via the fifth generation Phone of its flagship next Galaxy S10, which may see during the MWC 2019 to be held early next year in Barcelona.

The reason for this is that Samsung took into account the support the phone with the 5G but it encountered some technical problems in this regard, as to the non-proliferation of fifth-generation networks on a large scale several years ago, it may be a good reason for this step.

On the other hand, according to tweets posted by the account leaks famous Ice Universe on Twitter, the rumors of the former on integration of the series Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are not unfounded, which means that we’ll see next year phone model Galaxy S and Galaxy Note to the side of her phone, rollaway which may carry the name of Galaxy X.

Worth noting that Samsung is going to put up 3 copies of the phone Galaxy S 10, which may comes supported with revolution being the tenth edition of the series phones Galaxy S that helped the Korean company in control of the smartphone market in the world.

The Galaxy S 10 will support technical communication via the fifth army was first deployed in the are.

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