Galaxy Note 9 You may get the S Pen functions additional

New patent to Samsung in order to provide the possibility to control the phone through the S Pen Pne and fingers at one time.

It is known that selection phones Galaxy Note leading are the best smart phones I have a Samsung in terms of productivity, thanks to the many characteristics and features, including S Pen, which Samsung has worked over the years to develop it’s a lot of features and characteristics.

It seems that Samsung want to add more properties and provide options for additional control of this pen, in accordance with the patent of a new invention allows users to control their phone using the S Pen and fingers at the same time.

According to the data, the South Korean company applied for a patent for a pen S Pen functions additional to the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in September 2017, in a move that will improve the way you use lineup of phones Galaxy Note the future through the use of the pen and the fingers, is likely to use this technology with the phone company’s upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 9.

The cost of a patent for a new job allows you to choose whether you want to run a specific application or perform a specific action using the S Pen or your fingers or both, as the photos show the attached Settings screen lets you choose the input method appropriate to the investigation, so that you can choose to use a combination of fingers and pen for input operations.

You can also adjust how responsive the pen when using the screen having the touch of fingers, the Samsung a number of hand gestures that serve as shortcuts, and are compatible with movements such as multi-touch and multi-touch and double-clicking and the long and and enjoy the.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that requesting Samsung to get a patent for a similar job, with the same request to the Patent Office Korean in 2013, the Office of the United States Patent and trademark in 2014.


Source: Galaxy Note 9 You may get the S Pen functions additional

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