Galaxy Note 9 you may get a larger capacity battery

Insiders gradually begin to share details about the new generation Galaxy Note. Prior to this, the main subject of discussion was the fingerprint scanner. As suggested by the sources, discern the fingerprints will help display and not a special recess on the rear housing cover. Now the rumors have affected the capacity of the battery.

Galaxy Note is credited with 9 battery 3850 mAh, according to Phone Arena , citing IceUniverse. The battery capacity of the Note 8 is 3300 mAh, so the increase will be equivalent to almost 17 percent.

Such a move would certainly allow to achieve the greatest autonomy. Recall, Galaxy S9 consumes faster charge in comparison with the previous generation. Especially stands out the version with the Exynos chip. Experts blame the design of the processor.

From Note 9 also features 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB built-in. The camera will be double and will surely inherit the plug aperture. To discuss information about the next flagship of Samsung in the official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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