Galaxy Note 9 to the battery is the biggest in its class

جالكسي نوت 9 ببطارية هي الاكبر في فئته

After I ended Samsung, which she can do to her phone Galaxy S 9, s 9 plus and promotion, and provide these phones down, talk turns to what’s coming and what’s new working on the Korean company.

Although that time still early, but the leaks about the phone Note 9 began to go out in public and she was beginning to leak around the insight that trying to Samsung with hard to destroy them within the screen and not somewhere else with their new phone Galaxy Note 9.

Leaks on Twitter and other recently talked about I phone Note 9 will get the biggest card in this series. News talking about the battery capacity 3850 mAh surpassing the battery capacity Note 7, which is powered by 3500 mAh battery last Galaxy Note “Note 8” that does not exceed the capacity of 3300 mAh.

We mention here that the Samsung is a little late for some of the competitors in the pursuit of approved batteries on the phones, it seems that Huawei’s focus on it, especially since we learned that the phone’s battery is dead 10 operates with a capacity of 4000 mAh.

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