Galaxy Note 9 may be the first smart phone equipped with Gorilla Glass 6

Gorilla Glass 6 in Galaxy Note 9

Think most of the smartphone manufacturers to produce phones with glass on the front and rear, which make our phones more prone to scratching, Falls and damage and dirt.

Revealed company Corning today unveiled a new generation of glass-resistant to scratches, which bore the name Gorilla Glass 6, The Company confirmed that the new product is the result of the application of completely new material been strengthened chemically to prevent higher levels of pressure and therefore a greater ability to withstand shocks.

According to one statistics, The average user drops his smart phone at the rate of 7 times annually, half of which will be from a height of one meter or less, but during testing you know Gorilla Glass 6 to 15 the process of a fall from a height of one meter and succeeded in 6 times, while the glass fixtures competitiveness has not even spared from falling first.

Because companies now produce smartphones that constitutes the glass 85% of its exterior structure, the company Corning has improved most of the aspects in the new generation of the glass where it has become more durable and more resistant to scratches and more efficient in relation to the process of wireless charging, and the added pressure of the glass during the manufacturing process makes it more resilient.

According to the company, Gorilla Glass 6 currently under evaluation by the customers it is supposed to reach the market during the next few months, but we can’t be phone Galaxy Note 9 with this energy, glass and so on similar to the Galaxy Note 7, which was the first smart phone powered by Gorilla Glass 5 in 2016.

Do you see that kind of layer of glass affect the purchase decision, or is it just to add no one cares about it. Share your opinion in the comments


The Galaxy Note 9 may be the first smart phone equipped with Gorilla Glass 6 was first deployed in the are.

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