Galaxy Note 9 in Russia fell by almost 40% since the start of sales

Smartphone hard to call it a good investment tool. Even flagship devices are expected to become cheaper slower money loses value so rapidly that inevitably begin to wonder how justified the purchase of the flagship at the start of sales. It confirms Galaxy Note 9, which is less than one year fell by almost 40%, in fact, turning from a premium device in the gadget middling, of which the market today, tens and hundreds.

According to the independent online system “Yandex.Market”, which examined as at 23 April 2019 price Galaxy Note 9 in the Russian retail starts at 44 thousand rubles, as against 71 990 rubles at the start. To such an extent the price of the smartphone dropped in just 9 months of market presence, delighting those who have decided not to rush into buying, and break the heart of one of those who decided to purchase the coveted flagship among the first.

Galaxy Note 9 — characteristics

9 Galaxy Note is equipped with a 6.4-inch display with a resolution Quad HD+. Responsible for the performance of the Exynos 9810 working together with 6 GB of RAM and a minimum 128 GB of internal memory. On the rear panel is a 12-megapixel camera with an additional telephoto module and support for portrait mode shooting. Under the “hood” was a place for the battery capacity of 4000 mAh technology to support quick and wireless charging.

Is it worth to buy Galaxy Note 9 in 2019

Galaxy Note 9 for today is a wonderful choice and status is not inferior to the flagship smartphones of the current generation, but some of them are even superior. As for me, “nine,” despite the less powerful hardware and not such a wide range of functionality is even more preferable choice compared to Galaxy S10e, which today are sold in Russia for about the same money.

Looking for Galaxy Note 9, know you own flagship smartphone, the design is not compromised, using only the most advanced developments. With the Galaxy S10e, which – to his credit – absolutely self-sufficient, and extremely functional, this is not the case. Taking it in hand, you know that conventionally available side flagship is the “brother” of older models, which went all the ardor of designers and engineers of Samsung.

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