Galaxy Note 10 might be the first phone from Samsung completely free of physical buttons

Samsung Galaxy S10+

I was Samsung play it safe with the designs of its smart phones except Galaxy Fold which was already a bold step to some extent. But with the Galaxy Note 10 the next, you can experience the South Korean company some radical changes, which could include the removal of all physical buttons.

This according to a new report released recently from the South Korean news agency which reported that the Galaxy Note 10 will be reduced already from all of the physical buttons. This is questionable some thing special and button digital assistant Bixby represents an important addition for to Samsung in its smart phones leading.

However, smartphones free completely of the physical buttons is not necessarily new. We’ve seen attempts by the companies such as HTC, where the company had in the past has launched the phones can interact with them by clicking on Window Phone. It’s a new solution to some extent, we’re not sure whether Samsung is completely ready to do this bold step now.

Previously I suggested the company Meizu phone similar, despite the fact that this phone failed to obtain the necessary funding. Anyway, maybe it would be better to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection at the moment, especially that we are very far from the date of the official announcement of the Galaxy Note 10.

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