Galaxy new boats. are you interested in?

Spread the reports of the last month with the launch of the Galaxy S9 from Samsung that the company is preparing to launch a new phone improved Galaxy S9 phone is smaller between the two phones who was released last March. It seems that we have a leak again to confirm it. it also adds some details about the new phone.

He managed the boat, which no one knows of is the which bears the name of “Ice Universe” to get details on the new phone which is the same as the warrior who can by leaked design of the Galaxy Note 8 last year and before I leaked pictures of the Galaxy S8 and also managed to leak all the details and specifications of the Galaxy S9 correctly, this time telling us the Ice Universe the new phone from the Galaxy S9 protects the screen very large.

According to the registry there will come the big-screen with a diameter of 6.3 inches, as will The design for the original phones where the design is flat and not curved like the original. Despite the size of the screen, which we don’t know if it would work a lot or not the phone will fit the biggest drawbacks of the Galaxy S9 camera Double accurately 12 megapixel all lens.

In addition we might see the phone you will get code SM-G8850 by shopping chip Exynos 9810 broken the speed to 2.8 GHz to perform the most powerful of phones March May rival the performance of the iPhone X but on a system Android.

We cannot ignore the trend of companies making phones bigger and bigger now, thanks to companies that have made phones that have are greater than 6 inches is preferred for a lot of users so that companies are given its greatest attention.

As for the phone itself it not seems only an improved version of the Galaxy S9 Plus the owner of a dual camera but the design is flat instead of curved, and depends whether the phone is worth buying or not on the user himself only, he didn’t buy a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus definitely.

And did not become the Galaxy S9 is Phone most for Samsung for the first time this year, which was representative of the best of the Galaxy S9 Plus to Samsung in the footsteps of Google and apple of the US where it made the Google phone Pixel 2 XL’s potential better than phone smallest Pixel 2 as I thought Apple put the actresses the best phone Plus instead of a regular phone, which can be repeated with the new generation of phones iPhone X this year where it is expected the advent of the iPhone X Plus with bigger screen and most likely the best possibilities also.

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