Galaxy Fuld won’t stop processor access

Usually provide the Samsung phones in the United States and China at the treatment centre, and in the rest of the market processor access, for example, works Galaxy S10 processor centre 855 in the two countries, and in the rest of the world processor access 9820, but it seems that the Galaxy Fuld won’t stop by processor access.

It is not surprising that the expected Galaxy Fuld processor access, when Samsung unveiled the device removable Bend last month, said it will increase the processor 64-bit 7 nm, which is implemented to provide a copy of the access 9820 because the architecture of 8 Nm, and the device is a double version with 4G lTE and 5G, and will be launched in the United States and South Korea on 26 April are, it is expected that the company produces a limited number of women.

Recall that the Galaxy Fuld will be the first phone foldaway bed is released by a major company, and later this year, we’ll see another model a foldaway bed, which is Huawei’s dead X, The Midwife bending to the outside unlike a Samsung phone, although not announced, we expect that Motorola provide phone of its own, among other companies that could join the competition later this year is the Oppo share the BlackBerry, says that Apple is working on iPhone is a foldaway bed is due to reach markets in the second half of 2020.

In conclusion, we see that the phones of the first generation bendy possess a major flaw, which is a high price tag, for example, was the pricing of the Galaxy Fuld $ 1,980$, while the Huawei Mate X cost 2,600$, and is expected to be priced Motorola Razor low specifications compared to the phones Samsung and Huawei about 1,500$.

Source: androidauthority

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