Galaxy Fuld is the reason behind the lack of use of Apple in the use of new techniques

After eight years on the death of Steve Jobs, we often hear people say that he was going to do some things in a different way, so that the company arrange many mistakes of course, despite that, the move to postpone the production of the foldable phone of Apple TV think is a smart move.

And with confidence we can say that Jobs didn’t would take such a step in this period is the other, where we saw how that after only one day in the hands of the expert reviewers damaged Galaxy Fuld so much so that it is no longer valid for use and forced Samsung to use it.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Strategy Apple TV

Although delayed Apple TV always accessing new markets or the adoption of trends and new design, and sometimes develop devices less powerful than its competitors, they always prefer to correct things rather than to learn to be the first, but it broke off the base of the AirPower for wireless charging year after the announcement, where it appears that a violation of the same principle, but they at least did not ship the base to the reviewers and submit it as a final product, and instead accepted the embarrassment is short-term by canceling the entire project, Instead of damaging long-term brand launch product not met its promises.

This doesn’t mean that Apple may launch someday, a phone, a foldable, or will not call, but if launched it would be good and worth the purchase, where you won’t agree, Of course, the types of problems faced by the phones and the first generation from other companies.

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