Galaxy Fold will is the official name for the Samsung folding

Galaxy Fold

Used Samsung to official disclosure about her smart phone folding later in the day, and exactly in the event that will be held by the company in the city of San Francisco, which will disclose the series phones Galaxy S10 Series new.

Gave the company a glimpse of this phone is foldable at its annual conference for developers SDC 2018, which was held in the month of November last year, but did not reveal his name. And then, reference was made to this device name Galaxy Fold and Galaxy F. But now, we finally have irrefutable evidence of the official name, which will launch by Samsung on this phone.

The coach is a famous American Evan Blass, known as the month of evleaks confirmed that Samsung phone rollaway would be called officially the name of the Galaxy Fold. Based on what we know from before, this phone will have two screens, one the size 4.58 inch while the other screen size is 7.3 inch. The small screen would have the dimensions of 21:9 and accurately up to 1960 x 840 Pixel with the understanding that he will put this screen in the outer casing of the phone. On the other hand, would have the second big screen collapsible dimensions of 4.2:3 and resolutions up to 2152×1536 pixels.

When it comes to the technical specifications of the interior, it is expected that this phone eight-core processor class Snapdragon 855, and the random size of 8GB. Moreover, it was speculated that it will have two batteries with a capacity 2190mAh each note that will be placed each card in the party.

It is likely that the Galaxy Fold system Android 9 Pie Times One UI, as the frequency it would be about 1800 USD. Generally, we won’t have to wait for a long time, it is assumed that detected all after-hours from now.


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