Galaxy Fold call fold and open the screen up to 200 thousand times

Published Korean giant a new video today in which to review the efficiency of the design of the Galaxy Fold which supports the folding and open the screen up to 200 thousand times.

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You Samsung launch phone Galaxy Fold in each of the markets of the United States and Europe along with the United Kingdom during the month of April next, and a new offering Korean giant more details about the phone before its official release to the market.

Confirm Samsung on to Galaxy The Fold comes to the design of the layers of the polymer that supports the phone’s robust design lasts for the longest time, this coupled with the design featuring a set of gears in the interval between the screen support mechanism is quick and smooth to open and close the phone.

Has shown Samsung design the Galaxy Fold through the video tests the folds of the phone, where Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Fold call fold aperture up to 200 thousand times according to the tests conducted on the phone, the equivalent of 5 years of use, at a rate 100 times that of the folding aperture daily.


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