Galaxy C10 appears in the form of his imaginary parties, small

Back Galaxy C10 in the picture imagine was created based on rumors and leaks, it has a new design with improvements compared to the previous. Of course we can’t be sure of the reliability of these images, but there’s a chance that turned Samsung into a reality. Seeing as the phone average specifications will Screen the dimensions of the 18:9, and it is true that the parties small and almost non-existent in the aspects of the Galaxy C10, but they are thick down there, second on the button home physical its built-in reader footprint. The design of the device looks like metal completely, and behind him there are signs of the antenna and center there Camera Dual vertical and dual LED flash as well. Will be provided to C10 in 3 colors are black, gray as well as blue, there will come a 6-inch Quad HD+, to be the Processor Snapdragon 660 and then my nuclear battery 4,000 mAh battery supports fast charging technology 4.0. Recall that the reports previously indicated that Samsung will make an official announcement about Galaxy C10 in May or June 2018.

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