Galaxy Apps Labs of Samsung to improve the battery and restore deleted files

Today Samsung has launched apps called Galaxy Labs which includes four different applications that allow the user additional options specialists to improve the experience of using the phone in general, applications will include a dedicated application to recover deleted files, application to track the battery performance and improve it also applied to accelerate other applications.

Let’s talk about it in some detail, the first application is File Guardian will feature to restore deleted files either from the internal space of your phone or even from external memory! As for the applications, second, third, understanding holds the Battery Tracker and Battery Guardian and as you can see from their names, understanding the specialized applications in improving the performance of the battery and its.

As for the application of the fourth and last one is App Booster this app simply will serve to improve the performance of the machine by emptying some space in الـRAM by closing open apps which may be useful for users of phones vulnerable.

Applications are now available only for the Netherlands it is expected that Samsung is expanding their deployment in the coming months, but in case you want to try them out, you can go to this link and download all the APK files located and start the installation application to my Galaxy Labs and then Galaxy Labs Agent and then pitching the rest of the applications.

• The following are links to download the apps directly from the site SamMobile instead of the previous link:

Galaxy Labs | Galaxy Labs Agent | Battery Guardian | Battery Tracker | File Guardian | App Booster

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