Galaxy A8S will be the first phone screen Infinity-O reports about its launch next month

جالاكسي A8S سيكون أول هاتف بشاشة Infinity-O وتقارير حول إطلاقه الشهر القادم

After the announcement of Samsung About phone screens by the law, Infinity which will come in four forms in the coming period, there was a lot of talk about the first of those phones, either by extrusion or without it, according to the reports, it seems that the Galaxy A8S will be the first phone with the screen of the Infinity-O which is considered one of 4 forms will appear with the company.

And beyond the Infinity screen-O the form of extrusion of the traditional presence of a small circle in the side of the screen contains the camera, in order to assess the size of the extrusion and its dimensions from the center of the screen in order to use them better.

Galaxy A8S will come with screen $ 6.39 inches with a resolution of HD+ type LCD, and this screen according to the website SamMobile will be made by BOE of China on non-public with a Samsung manufactured screen of its own, so it is considered the best company in this field by.

Will the phone also has a processor Snapdragon 710 allocated for the intermediate category of phones, with a ram of GB and internal storage space of 128 GB. It is also likely to show camera three in the back and a front camera accurately 24 mega pixels in the front.

Samsung will be honestly with time to detect the phone, especially since Huawei used to detect copy screen is similar at the beginning of December.

Recall that the SamMobile website spoke about the launch the phone in January and the beginning of 2019, except that the calculation of the Ice universe really reliable and competent leaked information about the phones talked about its launch in December of this year.

The Galaxy A8S will be the first phone screen Infinity-O reports about its launch next month appeared first on the tech world.

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