Galaxy A50 Galaxy A30 difference in price and specifications

May comes to your mind, since at first glance when I know about the two phones A50 and A30 for the difference between them is that the difference in the specifications is worth to arrive at the price band of $ 85 to almost or the equivalent of 1500 Egyptian pounds , 60 Jordanian dinars.

The reality of the Mag came out the specifications of the two phones you say that. In addition to practical experience of the phone, the van may us to identify those differences, we can summed up thus:

The processor in the Galaxy A50 type Exynos 9610 Core 10 nano meter, which means saving in the consumption of the battery which in turn is a large 4000 mAh, while the processor in the A30-type Exynos 7904-core 14 nano meter at least management.

  • Storage space in the A50 is large and suitable for everyone on the difference of the use of their, 128 GB with 4 GB RAM. While we find that the storage space in the phone A30 specific to 64 GB with the same phone memory up 4 GB.
    Both phones support expansion via the built-in MicroSD slot to add memory up to 512 GB.
  • Insight in A50 are hidden under the screen at the bottom as is the case with this technology in the phones of the senior category. This insight is present in the phone A30 from the back side of the phone next to the camera.
    Although there are those who say B fingerprint in the phone A50 slow to respond to it in anyway acceptable where you may be late in responding but that no more than a second or two seconds.
  • Miss clear of the phone A50 in terms of the quality of the photography . Rear cameras, three high-quality 25 megapixel, 8 and 5, respectively, and the quality of selfies. 25 Mbps, while on the phone A30 dual cameras 16 and 5 megapixel cameras front 16 megapixel.
  • Performance audio phone A50 across the heavens outside of the clearly better phone A30.

The track official in Egypt, Jordan phone two A50 and A30

  • The price of the phone A50 price in Egypt 5300 pounds
    The price of the phone A30 in Egypt 3850 pounds
  • The price of the phone A50 in Jordan 219 KD and may include a gift.
    The price of the phone A30 in Jordan 159 KD and may include a gift.

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