Galaxy A10 comes from Samsung with a fingerprint sensor in the screen

Revealed the latest leaks about the plans of Samsung to bring the feature of fingerprint sensor built-in screen in the next issue of the smartphone Galaxy A10.


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Having made the Korean giant’s Galaxy A8s as the first version does not screen Infinity-O features a camera embedded in the screen, using Samsung also offer the advantage of a fingerprint sensor in the screen for the first time in its phones with the ideas coming from smart phones Galaxy A10.

Has supported Samsung through the this year series phones A features come for the first time in their versions of smart phones, including the Samsung Galaxy A9 the year 2018 which came back with a setting of three for the first time in Samsung phones.

The property of the sensor footprint on the screen FoD/UDFS one of the nurses, which has spread already have manufacturers of smart phones, so the Samsung’m already late in adding this technique to the identity of its smart, but projections indicate that the cause of the delay Samsung due to the fact that technology FoDs are currently working with LCD screens only, used Samsung in the low-cost versions just.

Recall that the leaks of Galaxy A10 of the new comes after the monitoring report from Samsung indicates the company plans to display the technology SoD the acoustics in the screen at the CES the year 2019, with the technology of the new Samsung in AMOLED screens, which is scheduled to start work on a Samsung Display next year.

Projections also indicate that Samsung begin to ask new features with the series of Galaxy A, to the efficiency of the work of these nurses before they are integrated in the phones possible.


I know of

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