Gable end a round of new investment of $ 10 million

جملون تنهي جولة استثمارية جديدة بقيمة 10 ملايين دولار

Announced Gable, the store’s biggest electronic bookstore in the area, closed a round of new investments of Category “B”. Completed the company, which began in Jordan and is currently headquartered in the UAE round of investment to get $ 10 million.

She told Wamda Capital round of investment for Joomla by Aramex, and investors such as Anova to invest, and 500 Falcon’s Endeavor Catalyst and others.

This is the largest amount that you get Gable since its inception in 2010, having already fought three-round investment earlier, most recently in May 2015 and was able to collect $ 3.7 million, and was preceded by a tour in September 2014 to bring 733 thousand dollars, the first loss was in October 2011 and got time to 400 thousand dollars.

Recall that Gable owns the store more than 10 million books in Arabic and English, it also has partnerships exceed 3,000 publishers in the cart, and 2,700 publishers of the English workers in the region.

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