Future electric cars could store energy in their structures made of carbon fiber

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At the moment, the auto store electrical energy in their batteries. The problem with these batteries in they need to be large enough to make the car able to cut long distance before needing a recharge, as it can cause some potential risks such as the burning. Moreover, the process of replacement can be very expensive.

However, it seems that some researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, were working on technology that can convert the carbon fibers to the electrodes, which means that in the future it is possible that the auto store electrical energy within its structures made of carbon fiber ( assuming it is the use of carbon fiber ). This, in turn, may make the cars lighter because of the lack of need to card traditional bulky and heavy, which may also help extend the distance that can electric cars cut it before you need to recharge because the light weight means the need to lower energy states.

According to Mr. Leif Asp, a professor of mechanics of materials and computer and one of the researchers in this technology, has stated by saying : ” Wouldn’t it be the structure of the car then just an item that holds other items, but it also works as a battery. It would also be possible to use carbon fiber for other purposes, such as harvesting kinetic energy for the sensors or the connectors for both power and data. If all these functions part of the structure of the car or the plane, it could reduce weight by up to 50 percent “.


However, there is a downside to this technology, this downside is cost, a price that makes carbon fiber material commonly used in sports cars high-end is the high cost of these article, which makes the process of building a car completely from this article is somewhat expensive.



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