Fun time: top 5 Board games about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a real addiction. For those who have been following the stock market, has enough simple transactions, decentralization and the blockchain. That is why in the world a long time with great success buy Souvenirs related to the crypt.

The best gift for the avid criptonita — a Board game with the theme of Bitcoin. By the way, these games are at an early stage of development, so new companies in the entertainment industry can still grab their share of the younger market. Meantime, look at the five best nastolok with Bitcoin.

The contents

Bitcoin Empire — one of the first games on similar subjects, which received quite a lot of popularity. The main goal of gameplay is to collect the largest amount of bitcoins. To be the first, the player must skillfully use the cards, which are divided into two groups.

Source: Cointelegraph

“Safety cards” are a representation of the programming skills, law and marketing. To attack other players, you can use the “attacking” abilities — hacking, a lawsuit and a smear campaign.

Bitcoin Empire: To the Moon 2.0

The first part of the Bitcoin Empire was a success, so its Creator, David Thomas decided to start a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to establish the second part of the game.

Source: Cointelegraph

The sequel Board game built on a similar game model, but with plenty of humor and references to real personalities of kryptonyte.

Cryptocurrency: The Board Game

Last year the project has collected about 15 thousand dollars on Kickstarter, which is pretty impressive for a bear market. The game can participate up to 4 players, which will create its own virtual startup. To reach the final, they will have to perform certain tasks — to hire experts, to arrange dumps and chichinou to solve the “mining algorithms”.

Crypto Millionaire

Always wanted to own a brand new Lamborghini, bought with the income of trading cryptocurrencies? Well, now you have the chance to invest in his dream. At least in the form of Board games. The launch of Crypto Millionaire has not yet taken place, but this nastolka already has the potential to become a favorite pastime of every criptonita. The campaign to raise funds on Kickstarter is scheduled for this month.


A game with a very simple title is analogous to Monopoly, but with Cryptoworks. As stated by the creators of the Board game, players “do not need serious knowledge in the principles of digital assets”. By the way, the project managed to collect $ 2000 on the site Indiegogo.

Source: Cointelegraph

In the gameplay Crypto involved a hacker attack, plums, hardforce and many other significant events in 2018. Players can also trade using several types of auction. Which game did you like best? Share your opinion in our cryptodata!


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