Full details of the ban to sell phones, Apple in China!

In a blow to Apple American in one of the largest markets around the world, the court issued a Chinese decision to ban the sale of Apple devices in China, including the judgment of the court to stop the sale of phones iPhone old the beginning of the iPhone 6s issued in 2015 and even the Evo X released last year.

That provision comes at the invitation of the lawsuit filed by Qualcomm at the end of 2017 against Apple in front of the Chinese court, accusing the U.S. company of violating the rights of ownership of patents on features related to change the size of the photo management applications on the touch screen.

And was this news significantly affected the shares of Apple, which declined rapidly after the ban, forcing the American company to respond to the resolution, stating that all models of iPhone are still available and the iOS operating system 12 does not violate software patents battle, as the government was on the abuses in the old system.

But Qualcomm come out now, confirmed that the ban doesn’t want links to the issuance of a particular operating system, so it applies even to phones that have been updated to iOS 12. It will enter into force immediately.

Note that the latest model of the iPhone XS and XR are not affected by this ban (the lawsuit was filed in 2017), but the iPhone old still constitute a large part of the sales of Apple in China.

Even now it still stores china sell phones Apple, and still sub-site Chinese buy Apple.com offers phones iPhone 7 and 8 (turn off X). Will the implementation of the government already? Or is the court going to overturn the Apple?

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