Full competition Tesla: Nikola Motors will release an all-electric tow tractor

By 2017 no one ever really believed that trucks can be equipped with electric motors. It was believed that their power is simply not enough to transport goods over long distances. That all changed in November, when Tesla unveiled its all-electric tractor — consumers and competitors finally became convinced of the efficiency of the electric motors. Of course, this is reflected in the strategies of competing firms — Nikola Motors, for example, also decided to announce an electric vehicle.

Грузовик Nikola Motors

Initially, the company concentrated on the production of hydrogen trucks. In order to ensure their smooth operation, the company began to establish an extensive system of supply of hydrogen and access to specialized filling stations. It took a lot of time and forces — electric Tesla truck during this time was more preferable for the customers truck model Nikola One, Two and Nikola Nikola Tre.

Apparently, not to be left at the end of the race on the alternative market of tractors, the company Nikola announced the release of the electric versions of their hydrogen tractor. The new engines will be equipped with Two model Nikola and Nikola Tre, and the main tractor company, Nikola One, will remain hybrid.

Грузовик Nikola Tre

The new strategy Nikola seem right, but she spent a lot of time on the development of a hydrogen infrastructure. She is not going to abandon hydrogen trucks, but they will still give opportunities electric counterparts. First, they can be more expensive. Secondly, their dressing will still encounter more problems — power plants in the U.S. much more than hydrogen. Third, the electric motors can easily get around hydrogen power.

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