From what fell “Union”? The investigation found guilty

On 11 October, the planned launch of “Soyuz-MS-10” with the carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG”. But to reach orbit failed. The accident occurred at 119 seconds in the separation of the side blocks of the first stage from the Central block of the second stage. Then triggered a distress beacon, the ship was divided into compartments and released the parachute. The crew is alive and crash landed in Kazakhstan. After the investigation became known, what led to the accident carrier.

As RIA Novosti reported, citing a source familiar with the investigation, when assembling the rocket “Soyuz-FG” experts used excessive force and bent the part that holds step. This was the cause of the accident.

What collapsed “Union”?

“Collectors during installation, when connected steps in a “package” slightly bent left claw, he immediately entered the groove and it drove with power. When the stage fell on him the whole mass, ledges, in fact, stood in girth. To the separation step easier out, the hole caused grease”, — said the source.

Because of all this ball-bearing side block are unable easily to get out of the seat and during the flight, rammed the Central unit. The consequences you know.

The results of the investigation were discussed at the meeting of the emergency Commission in the center “Progress”. Experts asked about the “culture of production”. In response, they said that sometimes when assembling the rockets have to move away from the technological documentation. That is, do not how it is written.

Public disclosure of the reasons of the accident will be held early next week.

With all this, the trigger system of the “Union” is the only one currently able to send humans into space. SpaceX and Boeing are working on their own alternatives, but they are still far from ready. Rocket “Soyuz” are robust enough to take people into space.

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