From the time of the missed| do you feel the program “painter” on the Windows 95’s?

Will not feel that sense of not born in the eighties, who found themselves early on in front of a desktop computer running Microsoft’s Windows (Windows 95) Microsoft Windows 95. Was the lower not the world, and the world is not the world, the technology is still shipped their engines for takeoff at the intelligence of her superior.

At this time, we’d find a smuggler fun of the saturation of our Video Games on the computer in Doodle colors on the paint program Paint built-in inside the Windows operating system Windows, which will be released on Windows 1 (Windows 1.0) in 1985, the first versions of the operating system from Microsoft that builds on an environment running a graphical GUI instead of the DOS system MS-DOS.

On 24 July 2017, Microsoft announced its intention to stop the paint program Paint, plans to replace its issuance of three-dimensional 3D, and then quickly responded to company for the program in its classical form had been retained on the store “Windows Store” Windows Store made available for free download in recognition of his love.

However, he wanted a fan of the “painter” to immortalize his memory, launching a web site can use the program online, in his version dating back to the operating system “Windows 95”, as the classic common, where the color boxes at the bottom and the taskbar on the left lists the options at the top, with some changes that you will feel it yourself when you trade.

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