From the Netherlands: new iPhone cases Mujjo

There are pouches for two dollars, and there are good. Yes, many now say that the difference between them as such, no, but they would be wrong. I myself have long enjoyed cheap accessories that are “lived” a couple of months, however, radically revised its attitude towards the iPhone, when our editors were the products of the company Mujjo from the Netherlands.

A couple of weeks ago we were visited by two new case from this manufacturer — Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XR in black and brown. It would seem that there to overlook? Well case, well, leather — there are many. But specifically we have not started the review at a glance: we decided to fully test these accessories in the field and find not only advantages but also disadvantages.

And it’s been a few days, so we are ready to tell about their experiences. To begin with a few words about the covers: Leather Wallet Case is handcrafted of genuine leather. In fact it has two identical case, except for the color: the Leather Wallet Case has a small pocket for Bank cards, small bills, cards and everything to fit. He stitched a separate line, and the top flaunts a carved logo Mujjo.

We will not hide the covers look cool. It feels nice, not too weight of the phone and does not slip at all and sits securely.

The camera is not obtrusive and it can not but rejoice, although many have made peace with that. There are cutouts for the power button, volume buttons and the “silent” lever access to all controls implemented convenient and easy. Line of strong to tear it is unlikely to succeed, and due to the fact that the internal divider is not sewn together with the outer shell, the extra tension on the thread is not created.

The same cutout is at the bottom — under the grille of the speakers, charging port and microphone.

Overall this is one of the best covers in terms of price and quality — both cost 41 euros plus 5 to 10 Euro per delivery depending on the region where you live (in Moscow costs about 10 euros). For hand-crafted accessory is quite normal.

And now a few words about the shortcomings. On the black cover it is not very noticeable, and Yes, brown leather over time becomes polluted and is no longer after the purchase. In General, this is normal, and I had solved this problem with leather seat covers special tools for processing leather shoes. However, when you with this encounter, you probably want variety.

My last case from Mujjo became useless due to the fact that he has come off the leather treatment on the sides, but in the new generation covers company solved this problem: now the plastic processing and reliable even specially will not take off. In addition, every case company provides an individual quality certificate with a personal number.

Dutch accessories brand Mujjo — an indication that has not yet died aesthetic values and love for quality materials, some manufacturers add-ons for our beloved “Apple” technique. Yes, and that is better suited to the new iPhone as not leather excellent workmanship with quality stitching and ergonomics. To buy a Leather Wallet Case can on this and this link , respectively. There are also such cases for the iPhone XSiPhone XS Max and other models. By the way, if you use the promo code #sinatra until December 19, will receive a 15% discount on all accessories presented on the website of the manufacturer! So shipping will be almost free.

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