From the ashes of dead people to make diamonds — here’s how

According to the cremation Association of North America, in 2020, the burning will be more preferred way of farewell to the dead people than to centuries-old process of the funeral. Instead of having to store human cremains in the urn, some people choose a more beautiful way to preserve the memory of the person is manufacturing polished diamonds from the remaining ashes. A leader in manufacturing of precious stones from the ashes is considered as the Swiss company Algordanza, which recently revealed details about the process of making memorial jewelry.


From the ashes of dead people is really possible to produce diamonds. The fact that they represent the polished diamonds are made from crystallized carbon, the second on the prevalence of the nuclear element in the human body. To get the precious stone, the company uses special technology, which involves extremely high temperature and strong pressure.

Бриллиант из праха

The process begins with the cremation of a person — as a rule, after the burning of remains from 2.2 to 4.5 kilograms of ash. For the manufacture of a diamond company Algordanza asks for at least 500 grams of ashes — the number of the required amount of carbon is calculated in a special oven. Using chemicals, employees clean the dust from impurities, so the result was a mass with a 99% carbon concentration.

The only element that is impossible to remove is boron, which is contained in the human body and is involved in wound healing. This is due to the fact that boron and carbon have the same weight and properties, and to separate them from each other is extremely difficult. Fortunately, do not require boron colors of brilliant blue, and the more, the richer becomes the shade.

Бриллиант из праха

To achieve the 99.9% purity of the resulting mass, the researchers added it to a vial of iron and cobalt, which help remove any unnecessary elements. Also in the container is added to the diamond — carbon kristallizuetsya better when in contact with a real gemstone.

Real diamonds are formed deep in the earth, under high temperature and strong pressure. To simulate these conditions, the mass added to the chamber with a temperature of 1370 degrees Celsius and exposed to the pressure of 394 625 kg per square inch. To understand the power of this process, it is enough to imagine that the international space station with all its weight presses on the wrist watch in the heat above the temperature of the lava.

The manufacturing process takes six to eight weeks — the larger the diamond, the greater the time required. The result is a tough material that requires polishing. Many people take the raw stone, but some are asking jewelers to turn it into a beautiful jewel. Diamond weighing 0.3 carats costs to customers of $ 3,000.

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