From smarter: cats or dogs?.. Science answers

Of the most intelligent — dogs or cats?!, the It’s one of the points of disagreement standing between the lovers of the acquisition of dogs and cats in the houses, which science is trying to answer.

According to Susanna Hercule-Jose, a neuroscientist at Vanderbilt University, the brains of dogs contain 530 million neuron almost moving in its behavior, while sector 250 million neuron only, which means that dogs are more intelligent than cats.

As Susan says, the large number of nerve cells in the brain of dogs, especially in the cerebral cortex the cerebral cortex, reveals the richness of the mental condition of the interior of the capacity to predict upcoming events in their environment based on past experiences that are lived by.

It is interesting that the college has this ability, although their brains are not the largest among animals, but they have in fact the largest number of neurons among the carnivores, for example, the brown bear has bigger brains than dogs, but it contains the same amount of neurons as the train.

As the Add Susan, the book biological capacity to do things more complex and flexible in her life and her actions compared to the train.

Say the researchers, who analyzed the brains of different animals the meat-eating, such as Mongoose, raccoons, cats, dogs, hyena, Lion, brown bear, and that the ratio of neurons to brain size in carnivores small-medium-sized were almost identical, with women in the grass-eating animals.

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