From skin cells made of cells of the immune system. And it will help in the treatment of cancer

Scientists have long found a way to “reprogram” cells. If you try to explain complex scientific terms, in the process, from cells of one species can be to others that may be useful in a number of cases. For example, recently a group of researchers from Lund University (in Sweden) were able to “reprogram” human skin cells into immune cells. And this process could be the key in the fight against cancer.

Successful experience according to the editors of the journal Science Immunology. Swedish scientists in the course of their research received dendritic cells. Dendritic cells are a heterogeneous population of antigene presenting cells of bone marrow origin. This means that they have on their surface special systems for detection coderoni agents, recognizing that they (bacteria or virus) is a threat and what is not dangerous. Exposure of the cells to “mark” them, then other immune cells, T-lymphocytes, can recognize and destroy them.

Why are dendritic cells important? The fact that at least they should recognize that “its not” in respect of cancer is not working or running, but poorly, as dendritic cells begin to lose their function. Accordingly, recognition does not occur and the immune system is not working. Therefore, scientists are looking for ways that will help to overcome this limitation.

Experts have identified 3 specific factor PU.1, IRF8, and BATF3, which are involved in the process of differentiation of dendritic cells. Based on this from the cells of connective tissue fibroblasts create “personal” dendritic cells that behave like “real”, but it is less susceptible to neoplastic agents.

“Tumors often have a number of unique mutations, which complicates their detection by the immune system. Therefore, the reprogramming of dendritic cells in can be the key to create “tailor-made” vaccine against cancer. The tumor itself will become a source of specific antigens for immunity. We call this approach TrojanDC (DC — Dendritic cells).” said author Carlos Pereira.

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