From rags to riches: top Xiaomi Mi 9 will be sold at the price of iPhone

Known for its earthiness and closeness to the consumer, the company Xiaomi quite clearly beginning to lose his mind. This leaves no doubt, we need only look at the price of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition, which is absolutely incredible by the standards of Chinese manufacturer 885 dollars. It seems someone decided to play in the Apple, but failed to conduct a preliminary preparation, securing its status as a manufacturer of premium devices.

So high even by the standards of A-brands, price is due to a number of factors. First of all, the manufacturer asks the money for a combination of built-in 1 TB and 12 GB of RAM, additional fourth camera module, a transparent back cover, from under which be seen “stuffing” of the device. However, as in the case of Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, the new product will offer only a sham that will only take up valuable space inside the case, forcing the manufacturer to install a smaller battery capacity than the standard version of the flagship.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

But from a hardware sensor scan of the face, equipped with a three-dimensional camera, most likely, had to be abandoned. In any case, if you believe the press images of the smartphone on its front panel, there was no place for such, and therefore, truly reliable methods of face recognition have to forget. This is a significant downgrade, which in my memory does not allow either one of the manufacturers, rejecting the more promising technologies in favor of no less modern, but certainly less convenient.

But what Xiaomi has finally lost touch with reality, evidenced by the price of the standard version of the Xiaomi Mi 9. According to information from open sources, the retail price of the smartphone will amount to $ 515 for the base configuration. It’s almost one and a half times more than was estimated a model of the eighth generation. Out now on affordable Xiaomi smartphones, you can forget, only to grow their sales through the implementation of conditional premium models of the brand is unlikely to succeed. Laughter and only.

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