From prison in Iceland escaped the kidnapper mining-farms. He stole the equipment for $ 2 million

Iceland — one of the world centres of mining. Companies in the country so much that the government feared a possible shortage of energy for residential houses and streets. A high concentration of miners interested in scammers. On 2 February police arrested, Sindri Thor Stefansson who stole several large mining farms. In prison he spent a short time in the early morning of April 18, escaped and already made it to Sweden, writes Cointelegraph.

Mining without attachments

The fugitive escaped from prison Sogni and went to the international airport Keflavik. There he forged passport, boarded a plane flying to Sweden. Police learned of the escape, when the plane of Stefansson was already boarding in another country.

In the morning, Europol issued an international warrant for the arrest of the offender. Icelandic police did not consider him dangerous to be around.

Cindy Thor Stefansson 5 December 2017 16 January 2018 made several dozen burglaries. He managed to steal the computers 600, 600 cards, 100 power, 100 motherboards, 100 hard drives, and 100 processors with a mining farm in the North-West of Iceland.

The damage is estimated at 1.99 million dollars or 200 million ISK. Local magazine “Iceland” refers to the incident the second largest theft in the history of the country.

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