From November 2018 the ICO sold 750 thousand esters. Will fall?

11 Dec 2018 the teams ICO has sold 39 thousand ETH. The number 14 on the market threw another 45 thousands, well, 17 Dec — 33 thousand coins. In the second half of last year, such amounts were rare, but in November and December were sold daily at 10, 20, 30 thousand coins. In mid-December it became known that for the past month was implemented 416 thousand ETH. This massive sale has not ended. According to an estimate, from November last year to February 5 of the current total number of merged esters has reached 736 thousand.

Since then, as Trustnodes began to track the movement at the disposal of the ICO coins, Ethereum, the overall rate of savings projects are much thinner. Despite a massive sale in a few months at the end of the year, around the summer in their possession were about 3.3 million coins.

ETH at the disposal of the ICO and Ethereum Foundation in February 2019. Source: Trustnodes

At the moment the amount of savings excluding the Ethereum Foundation is approximately 2.7 million ETH. The number of new ICO projects also decreased significantly. According Santiment, 7 Feb 2018 left 2638346 ETH.

Now the sellers are a bit slowed down and every day to sell 500-800 ETH, rarely slips 1000 coins. This may be due to possible ensuring adequate supplies of Fiat currency, and with the expectation of rising prices.

Recall, analysts are predicting the Ethereum enormous growth, but before that we will witness the fall of at least $ 90.

Follow the course of Ethereum and other coins we recommend in this ranking. By the way, tonight ETH is trading at 117 dollars. Despite the small decline in comparison with Friday, the market capitalization continues to exceed 120 billion dollars. We look forward to further growth.

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