From Elon musk was a hell of a difficult two weeks

Looks like Elon musk chaos truly reigns. Businessmen usually like to present themselves as stable pillars of society, are trustworthy. On the background of Musk looks like a bully. If he behaved like, say, Tim cook, for us it would be akin to what Donald trump is behaving like Hillary Clinton. In the mythology of trickster figures usually appear to break the stasis, they wreaked havoc, but it is also well associated with Commerce. Mercury (the Roman version of Hermes) was not only the most nimble messenger of the gods, but also the patron of thieves, shopkeepers and travelers. Remind you of anyone?

Two weeks Elon Musk is probably remembered “production hell Tesla”. Because only for these two weeks:

  • Crew Dragon successfully splashed down in the Atlantic ocean after its first run
  • New project Boring Company in Las Vegas opens just in time for CES 2021
  • Tesla has released an even more powerful Supercharger
  • German regulators have asked Tesla to remove the information about “save on gasoline” with their prices
  • Chicago mayors race threatened the future plans of the Company in this Boring town
  • Another former Tesla employee said that the company was spying on employees
  • Tesla has abandoned plans to close stores and raise prices on most of their cars
  • Musk accused the Commission on securities and exchanges in the “unconstitutional seizure of power”
  • Perhaps Musk has personally tried to destroy a rat in the company
  • Tesla introduced the Model Y

How Elon musk could swear and be friends with everyone?

Don’t you think that for one person too much news from their companies? Musk is fighting with employees, politicians, regulators, customers fighting for… and against this background introduces the latest technology?

The mask I love the fans and customers, because his company make things that people like. NASA likes its missiles. Many people want to ride in his car, with a few notable exceptions. While he is accused of violation of working conditions at its plant in Fremont, which produces cars and the Gigafactory is an important part of the future Tesla — do is created some chaos, including accusations of hacking, espionage and revenge. In 2017, the companies Mask were high injury rates. In 2018, even more injuries and the dismissal of old employees.

If you think you know the Mask, he will try to debunk, especially when it comes to Tesla. Tesla may be — or may not — have a demand for Model 3, otherwise why would she rush into a representation of the Model 3 for $ 35,000. Tesla wanted to close down their showrooms, and then changed his mind. Fully self-driving cars, it is not. Transit system Boring Company located in Limbe political Chicago. SpaceX, with its lack of serious political troubles over the past year, even released. And about Neuralink we haven’t heard anything, despite ambitious statements, though Musk promised a big announcement “a few months” seven months ago.

In any case, Musk and SEC again start a fight over tweets. You may remember how he tweeted about that “funded” the purchase of Tesla stock at $ 420 per share, murmuring with three boxes? Then the SEC sued him in court, and there followed a transaction for settlement, including fines and other punitive measures. Affected and the number produced by Tesla, and the lawyer who was supposed to check the tweets of the Mask before it is sent.

And not only that, promising to meet at a certain time Musk often tear — and I’ll eat your ear, if it happens to send a space tourist to the moon before 2023.

In 2011, Musk said that he will bring people into space within three years.

Eight years have passed — and no one else not to fly on SpaceX rockets.

In the same year, Musk said his best scenario would be to place people on Mars by 2021 (the worst scenario for 2026 2031 year). Earlier this year he said that plans to put humans on Mars by 2025.

Tesla Model S was announced in June 2008 and production was planned for 2010. Production of the Model S actually started two years later, in 2012. Then came the Model X is introduced in February 2012, it was scheduled for production in early 2014; delivery started in September of 2015.

So — now you know — that when Musk promised that the Model Y will appear in the autumn of 2020, no one will buy the company’s shares, starting from that promise. You can even pre-order the car, but when it appears in reality — nobody knows.

It turns out, its premature promises Musk wants more money for themselves and their companies? Whether the Commission on securities and stock exchanges to follow statements? In the end, people go on “Tesla” and the SpaceX rocket fly into space and make deliveries to the International space station. Musk finishes his business, only his promises are unrealistic. What to do SEC in this case?

Looks like SEC resigned to the fact that Elon Musk is a kind of crook, a liar and cunning. It is theoretically possible that one day there will be serious confrontation and Musk will be ineligible to be a Director of a public company. However, it is more likely that the conflict between the Mask and the SEC will be solved much more friendly. As for everything else, remember about how the Mask relates to the same time — and don’t wait for Model Y.

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