Friends of the Russians with 100 thousand bitcoins appealed to the foreign Ministry

Two weeks ago, the Thai police detained Sergei Medvedev at the request of the FBI. The justice Department believes the Russian Creator of the Internet platform for trading illegal goods. During the search in cryptocurrency wallets detainee found more than 100 thousand bitcoin. Eve made themselves felt by his friends. Say, I think the Medvedev’s detention unlawful.

Risks of Thailand for Russians

Comrades published an appeal to the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry, reports RBC. It asked Maria Zakharova to send a note of protest.

We are the classmates of Sergey Medvedev, we don’t believe the list of incriminated actions related to the organization Infraud. We do not exclude partial guilt, but that he’s “evil genius” of the international level, it is hard to believe. Sergei know on the positive side. Yes, he was fond of programming language, administer the sites. Most likely, he was framed, was made a “scapegoat.”

Friends remembered the modest home of Sergey and his snacks in the dining room.

Medvedev was not like the person holding this amount of cash.

The authors are outraged by the detention and participation in the United States.

We want the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sent a note of protest about the violation of extradition procedures, a wrongful detention of the citizen of the Russian Federation, and also about not providing the needed evidence confirming the reason for the issuance.

Now Medvedev is in prison in Bangkok and awaits extradition to the US. Friends believe that after moving with him is unlikely to get contact.

Zakharova has not yet reviewed the appeal, as is in business trip. What will the staff of the foreign Ministry — will know later.

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