Friday trading: what altcon need the time to buy before the end of the week?

Buyers are showing more interest in the stock market. This can be verified by looking at the charts of the most popular coins of the top 10 on Coinmarketcap. In recent days, the Stellar price increased by as much as 7.5 per cent and IOTA went up by 3 percent. However, on large time frames the situation is still unclear, read more about it below.


EOS still goes in a fairly narrow channel that was formed after the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency on October 15. Our previous forecasts remain valid, because for the last couple of days the price of the asset has not changed.

Image source — NewsBTC

At the moment, the main resistance for cryptocurrency is the level of $ 7. Its a clear break on large commercial volumes would be a good signal to buy, but with the fall of the dollar below 4.5 it is recommended to refrain from investing in the EOS.


In his last message the Creator of Litecoin has reported on the process of listing the coin on more exchanges. He even mentioned the infamous Mt.Gox in 2013, the exchanger has not added trade pair with LTC.

Situation 1-daily chart of Litecoin doesn’t look very good, but no reason to panic yet. The asset sits at the support level around 50 dollars.

Image source — NewsBTC

The main goal for the bulls at this point — the upper boundary of the consolidation channel LTC. After rising above $ 70, we can expect increased interest of traders to open long positions. The following objectives 90 and $ 110.


XLM was the record highest growth among dozens of the most popular altcoins. The price of a coin surged 7.5 percent and is moving steadily to around 30 cents.

Image source — NewsBTC

Stellar buy at your own risk. The first recommended point to enter the market 0.22 per dollar. Do not forget to put stop loss just below $ 0.18.


The developer of Tron Justin San not tired to use your Twitter account to create a new wave of hype around the project. This time he reported on the creation of 500 thousand new accounts in mandate cryptocurrencies.

However, his previous statements are subject to doubt. According to news Agency ODaily (translation via cnLedger), the previously announced partnership between Tron and Baidu is a fiction. The startup will just simply buying power for cloud data processing in Baidu. The company itself did not go on a direct relationship with Justin San.

In the graphs the situation is quite ambiguous. TRX faced with a line of local resistance. While the bulls have very few chances to break.

Image source — NewsBTC

In the worst case Tron expects another wave of drain. Immediate support placed in the zone of $ 0.01. To buy a coin is worth, after rising above the level of 3 cents.


Recently the development team IOTA has announced the integration of a new method of biometric identification IAMPASS. It will allow to identify a person by scanning the location of veins in the palm.

In the last day, IOTA increased by three percent and is not going to stop. The value of the asset is close to the lower boundary of the bull flag, which now serves as a resistance level.

Image source — NewsBTC

If you want to invest in them, althin you can buy now. More conservative traders are recommended to wait until the breakout zone 90 cents — this event will be a good sign to start a long position.

Analysis of schedules prepared in the Platform. Even more promising altcoins, you can always find in our cryptodata.


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