French President: Europe will not prohibit Huawei

Criticized French President, Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron, the executive order signed by the US President, Donald Trump Donald Trump, which targets the company Huawei, the Chinese telecom equipment maker, saying that Paris has no intention of waging a trade war or technology.

Said macro reporters at the opening of the conference of the VivaTech: our view is not with the Prohibition of Huawei or any other company, but maintaining our national security and our European, and wage a trade war or technology against any country is not appropriate, adding that she is not the best way to defend national security.

Comes the reaction of Emmanuel Macron hours after the signing of Donald Trump on the executive order lays the groundwork to ban Chinese telecommunications companies, like Huawei, have access to the American market to sell their equipment or buy components from more Americans.

The move comes amid a trade war with China, where seeking the two world wars to conclude a new trade agreement, but the executive order is also aimed at the allies of the United States, who urged them months ago not to allow Chinese companies to build and operate the networks of the fifth generation.

It features the last attack carried out by Donald Trump against the Chinese company Huawei Europe is in more trouble about of any side can be chosen, the impact on the European continent, which found itself in the midst of a trade war, because it may hamper the proliferation of global networks of the fifth generation.

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The French leader said in his first public comment to the leader of the euro since the move Trump: France and Europe, two one two, we believe in collaboration and pluralism, the eager at the same time access to technology is good and maintain our national security and the safety rules.

He added that France does not intend to surrender to the pressure of the United States prohibit the equipment of the fifth generation of Huawei.

And each of France, Germany, the United Kingdom, including key allies who must respond to the demands of America remove Huawei completely about the establishment of the 5G or carry the reaction to reverse.

Reflect the statements of a macro, the general mood in the region, Germany plans to tighten the rules that govern the security of their network communications, but the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel Angela Merkel, has indicated that it will not use any supplier.

Noted leaks issued in the last month that the United Kingdom is considering the exclusion of equipment Huawei core network, which includes control functions, while will not provide the antennas and other parts of functions of least sensitivity, but it has yet to announce the decision formally.

Said Jeremy Wright, Jeremy Wright, Minister of State for Digital: the final decision of the United Kingdom on Huawei may differ from the resolution of the European.

He added that although UK based its allies, but they need to make a decision on whether it will be for Huawei to be a resource to learn basic communication.

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