Freezing nerves will help you to overcome obesity

Excess weight in recent years has become a huge problem around the globe. But not always for his correction will help a normal diet. And then can help scientists who are developing new technologies to help people. For example, not long ago a group of American scientists from Medical school at Emory University (which is located in the state of new York) and employees of the medical center of Pennsylvania state University tested method of struggle against excess weight, which involves freezing the vagus nerve.

Data on the study published in the journal of the Society of interventional radiology. According to the obtained results, freezing the vagus nerve using a cryogenic argon leads to a significant reduction of appetite and weight loss. The experiments involved a group of patients with first and second degrees of obesity. Each person was held non-invasive freezing of the rear trunk of the vagus nerve, through which the brain receives signals of hunger. Experiments lasted 90 days.

According to the results, all participants reported a decline in appetite, weight of the patients decreased by an average of 3.6%, and indicators of excess body mass index decreased by 14%. Scientists say that the procedure is safe and patients were not observed any side effects and complications. As stated by the authors,

“Our research is aimed at reducing the strength of the signal that an empty stomach reports to the brain. We developed it for patients with first and second degree of obesity in order to reduce the effect of exhaustion, which manifests itself in the fight against obesity”.

Despite the good results, a similar technique is still too early to implement in medical practice, because patients need to observe a longer period and find out whether or not they have any delayed complications. In addition, the next phase of research it is necessary to conduct tests with more subjects.

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