Free Wi-Fi and when I emerged property the Internet months purely by accident!

Sometimes I play trauma role of unemployment in historical events, while the Apple fell on Newton’s head notify him or her to the presence of Earth’s gravity, came the failed attempt of the scientists of Australia to develop the theory of black holes, Stephen Hawking, to lead them to the discovery of Wi-Fi.

Failed attempts

Learn the discoveries that appeared on the hands of scientists or innovators from Australia, only the “Wi-Fi” is perhaps more of those discoveries famous, and most unusual, too, is is flawed, but the reason for the way the discovery that came purely by accident.

It goes back to the nineties of the last century, when the quest of the physicist and engineer Australian, John or Sullivan, to make practical use of the theories of the physical world of the late, Stephen Hawking, which talk about the emissions coming out of black holes, so I tried to engineer the Australian ambition to realize those signals uncover some of the mystical truths about this.

Found Sullivan some weak signals, which is unable to distinguish from signals caused by the universe as a whole, especially with a lack of its size and because of the gases surrounding area, so stay out of the physical world as well as his team, the Australian, the computer can isolate the signal from anything else, what didn’t work then, but it benefited the whole of humanity later.

The innovation of Wi-Fi

In 1992, while the years had passed, it was enough for Sullivan and his team, in order to forget about their attempts the previous track the emissions of black holes, which have failed, the research body the largest in Australia, known as CSIRO, commissioned Sullivan subtly urgent.

Task of the government assigned to the physical world of tea, at that time, innovating a new way, enabling them to connect devices of computer to each other, without the use of any electric wires connecting between them, what must be asked Strange in the beginning, before he remembers Sullivan created is not useful.

Usually John or Sullivan back several years, when I bought the GPS signals separated to study the emissions of black holes, where he did not achieve his goal then unfortunately, but it worked out clearly in that moment, the use of the Sullivan device to his mysterious in order to put the rules of operation of the system of connected electronic devices, without wires, to the Australian billions of dollars thanks to his innovation, now known in the world as Wi-Fi.

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