Free support LED control via Bluetooth for iPhone, phones, Andorid

The company submitted the Epic updated to the last version the phone of the game by famous free with her supporting hands control working connect via Bluetooth where became the possibility to connect to are now available for both Android and iOS devices after a period of time of the company’s announcement about its work on providing this feature in Bigfoot phones.

The company explained that support is available to all control units forged MFI of both systems with important to note that the hands move “Jim’s iPad” more compatible with the Android version for several companies kmicrosoft use SteelSeries and theGamevice .As and different direction the new update supports a frequency of 60 hertz per second for three phones fancy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and my phone Huawei Mate 20 X for view 20.

In addition to many features and new updates to the game itself at the level of the weapons and increasing their number significantly varied so the bombs where added bomb on The Shape of the head of The Snowman, and updates on the scope of testing the scope of playing either in solo or dual or quad and you can see what’s in the update from here.

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