Free support controllers on Android and iPhone

Was free allow need players on different platforms, which is not in the interest of the users of smart phones, because of the controls relatively hard, but that changes today.

Link update free 7.30 to both Android and iOS support control units external.

Now, Android users enjoy the majority of the control units that support Bluetooth, including units, the Xbox One ended up 4.

The iPhone options are limited, so request their compatibility with the standard MFi, has mentioned the publication of the epic James units SteelSeries Nimbus specifically, so make sure it will work with the game.

This comes update 7.30 in the play “Solid Gold” where all weapons of the kind Gold, and assemble construction materials.

As attested to update the advent of the channel “Chiller Granade” that if you hit the opponent, make him slip involuntarily away, what may be useful in the protect you at the critical moment.

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