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When asked one of the sages about the phrase, comfortable and reassuring, he said, this time will pass! If you are happy, successful remember to keep your success to alleviate the impact of the sad moments come from failure, and if you failed, your insistence must seem to case you someday to the stars. no perfect moments all the time, as the saying goes source: “the hit of the night much to say!”

From the moment of failure, the moment passed for the inventor of the Swedish Alfred Nobel (1833 – 1896) feeling very sad, not described by a local newspaper as the”merchant of death”, has been the desire of the inventor of dynamite in the improvement of his reputation, was born us Nobel Prizes in peace, literature and Science.

On the occasion of the Nobel Prizes, it can be said that the world of the American of Polish origin Albert Michelson (1852 – 1931) is the only world that got a Nobel Prize for failure!

Mickelson was the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in science because of his failure in the leadership of the ether, a substance that scientists thought an old she bear the light, and it goes and spreads without the need to compromise or material transmitted through it, and adopted that of the ether material to fill the space of the universe, but mickelson didn’t find the ether, and discovered that light carries itself, thus paving the way to Albert Einstein and his special theory of relativity, which reveal the behavior of light, and its dependence on the existence of the ether.

Of course, you know Sony, the Japanese company tradition older than today from 70 years ago, it was the first product made by “Sony” is a device to cook rice Electric, a device that failed to cook the rice, deservedly, came out of rice missing label or content in full, and failure of the device in turning “Sony” to the middle of an alternative: the recording device the cassette!

Because the failure task being a possible outcome of attempts and research, care today’s scientific journals with a reputation for the deployment of follow research and experimentation actors, including periodic negative results in the life cycle of the articles support the hypothesis trivia!

And tempt you the American dream believes that it is the dream of non-failure, statistics official says that 10% on average of the American companies come out a year from the map of the market, and that a record of successful not without catastrophic failure!

For example, as representing Henry Ford (1863 – 1947) was a milestone in the field of industry, as founding the Ford Motor Company’s innovative method of production using assembly lines, his mind is not devoid of thoughts the worst of his genius much.

Represent the “foreseen” Fordlandia failure in the career of Ford, Ford for an alternative to break the monopoly of the British production of rubber, used in the manufacture of tyres and car parts, head to planting 2.5 million acres of rubber trees in the Amazon region of North-Central Brazil, ended in failure, catastrophic problems became his trees buffet open for insects and larvae!

Maybe use the organization “city” SETI non-profit product title longer the same in the Christian failure, has been watching the sky all the 53-year-old in order to pick up any signal to communicate with the aliens to no avail!

At the time of the humans to colonize Mars, did not weaken the burning vehicle to Mars (Mars Climate Orbiter), in 1999, of our resolve in sending missions to the red planet, it has burned out vehicle that cost 125 million $ Mars orbit due to the use of software navigation in metric units (meter and traction) while the software driving motor in English units (inch, water).

Failure also did not succeed in disrupting the March Collider hadrons major LHC, after 9 days of running it, are fused to a link-welding led to the explosion of a bottle of liquid helium supercooled, and after 14 months, give encountered again after it dropped the bird a piece of bread on an electronic board-top convertible, but it ended successfully scientists encountered in the discovery of the boson Higgs Higgs boson, a particle’s initial recognizes its responsibility to acquire the money for her, and a long missing piece in the standard model of Physics since Peter Higgs for its existence in 1964.

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