Free games for a limited time in Google Play for users of devices landed

This theme free games for a limited time in Google Play for users of devices landed back on Engadget.

Know now on the Google Play Store a range of games that offer for free download for a limited time to users, which include a variety of title of the two games.

Game Avoid It

Come to the Game Avoid It offer the installation for free for one day only users, featuring a dose of your gorgeous with the advantage of rapid urbanization and, the range of obstacles and barriers that you will have to take it in the levels of the game, the game Avoid It of possible games also music pictorial unique pay you to keep in the game longer.

Game Sky Dancer

Come to the game Sky Dancer in the Google Play offer free installation for 2 days only, so if you’re one of the fans of the game Subway Surfers, you can also enjoy the experience of Sky Dancer , which includes a set of levels and challenges, where you will also have to give up a lot of obstacles, and collect coins in the levels of the game, as you will have 4 characters free in the game to choose from.

Game Infinity Loops

Is the free offer to download the game Infinity Loops up to 6 days, which is one of the puzzles as possible, with a range of levels which is getting harder gradually, so it may pay you to play for hours to the levels of the game possible, as you will have 6 days to experience the Infinity Loops on the phone landed.

Game Mental Hospital III

If you love horror games filled with many challenges for survival, you can get the game Mental Hospital III which are available in this version for free for a limited time up to two days just, the game Mental Hospital III will not offer you weapons to help you survive, so you’ll have to run at full speed out of the mental institution is full of surprises.

Laser Labyrinth

Game Laser Labyrinth

Game Laser Labyrinth is one of the games of peas, which are characterized by the experience of the series in gameplay and fun too, as you progress 90 level, where a game of Laser Labyrinth now free to download for a period of up to 4 days.

Game League of Stickman 2018

One of the fighting games have to offer you for free for two days only, so come League of Stickman 2018 array of characters to choose from to start fighting with the special skills of each character, and supports multi-play also.

Simulation game Freelancer Simulator: Game Developer Edition

The game featured support you in real-life simulation create your own business and launch many of the companies in which your skills and development experience with your own team, the game Freelance Simulator is available free for up to 5 days.

Game Dead Bunker 3

Choose another hair-raising games that are available between the offerings of Google Play today for up to 5 days, so come to the game Dead Bunker 3 range of levels in the dark to benefit from the shift in different stages, also you will have to collect a lot of weapons with your lamp to face the many surprises that will appear in the middle of the dark, so is the game Dead Bunker 3 featured game also offers Google Play Today.


This theme free games for a limited time in Google Play for users of devices landed back on Engadget.

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