Free extras an important need by the city of my sites to WordPress (Part II)

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

إضافات مجانية هامة يحتاجها مديري مواقع ووردبريس (الجزء الثاني)

We reviewed in the first part of this series some important additions that need by the director of my sites to WordPress, and we continue in Part II to review more of these free plugins that facilitate the work of the city of my sites to WordPress and have implemented many of the necessary tasks in a simplified manner.

Here are three free extras of other sites started with a brief summary of their basic characteristics:

1- Add Yoast

إضافات مجانية هامة يحتاجها مديري مواقع ووردبريس (الجزء الثاني)

Think this add-on of add-ons that are indispensable to WordPress when it comes to improving the ranking of websites in search engine results, where this Add-On provides a list of the main standards for determining the quality of the written content of your site so that it appears higher in search results.

Shows you add Yoast how committed you are to standards of the quality of the content that you are adding to your site in real time in a simplified way where it shows you a green tick next to each standard of commitment and the red marker next to each standard, did not adhere to it.

Includes those standards the presence of the keyword key in the main title and subtitle of the content script and repeat them within the textual content, the text alternative for images and include external links and internal, and so much more.

The number of active alerts for this add-on amounted to more than 5 million the inauguration of an active even now, offers no free version provides you with the main features, as there are issue driven and contains more features.

2- Add WooCommerce

إضافات مجانية هامة يحتاجها مديري مواقع ووردبريس (الجزء الثاني)

Add woods are months add a specialist in the creation of the electronic stores websites WordPress, where to help of this addendum in the management of 30% of the electronic stores in the world, according to reach the border as its official WordPress.

Enables you to this lovely addition from the sale of anything whether material goods or digital via the e-store on your site and receive payments through the payment options of the common, like credit card or Paypal or pay on delivery, and also help you in managing the process of shipping products that are purchased from your store.

The number of active alerts to add occurs until now more than 4 million the inauguration of an active, available for free and is considered the perfect solution for website WordPress working in the field of e-commerce.

3- add The Really Simple SSL

إضافات مجانية هامة يحتاجها مديري مواقع ووردبريس (الجزء الثاني)

According to a study conducted by the website SEMrush specialized in E-Marketing Solutions about the consequences of improving the ranking of the sites appearance on search engine results of Google, came secure site certificate SSL to activate the HTTPS protocol in the tenth place among the most important 17 factor has been mentioned in this study.

He also started the Google Chrome browser in the classification of the sites that operate by the HTTP protocol as insecure locations since the launch of the version number 68, which demonstrates the importance of using websites to HTTPS protocol to increase the rate of lift and thus increase the confidence of visitors.

Add Really Simple SSL allows the possibility to activate an SSL certificate for your website in a very easy way, all you have to do is get an SSL certificate from one of the sites that offer it (some sites hosting services offer for free) then install this add-on will be able to activate the certificate on your site with just one click, the number of active alerts for this add-on more than 2 million installation active until the time of writing this article.

The gate Arab News Technical free extras an important need by the city of my sites to WordPress (Part II)

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