Frauds in the network are represented by our staff

The last time we see frequent cases of fraud in social networks aimed at getting money from unsuspecting people. As in many cases, the fraudsters submitted by our staff, we decided to describe the scheme of its work that served as a warning.

The scheme of this fraud is very simple. Criminals enter in the field “place of work” in your profile or other popular sites. Add appropriate pages to your favorites so they appear on the page. Then they write a personal message greetings on behalf of the resource and inform the potential victim that she had won an iPhone or some other valuable prize. For greater reliability it can “time” the birthday of the victim or another memorable date.

Then it will ask you for your address to deliver the prize and after some dialogue you will be asked to pay shipping. Most often we are talking about a very small amount should be transferred to the card. Regardless of the outcome of the dialogue, the victim is in a black list and, of course, gets nothing. Since the amount is insignificant, the prospect of contacting the police is close to zero. Complaints in support of social networking help to block the account of the fraudster, but to make new — a matter of a few minutes. Therefore, the only protection in this case, personal vigilance and common sense.

Edition warns: any contests that we hold — annonciade on our website and social networks. If contacted by someone claiming to be an employee, and contests we have not carried out — to check invite this person to write to you with a working mail or this will help quickly weed out the fans of easy money.

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