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فرنسا تتخلى عن جوجل لاستعادة استقلالها عبر الإنترنت

Work France seriously to avoid becoming a colony number of the United States or China, as announced the French National Assembly, the Ministry of defence of the French in the last month that their digital devices will stop using Google as your default search engine, and will use instead the search engine Qwant, a search engine to French and German boast of not tracking its users, with the increasing pace of the modern French politicians who take an aggressive stance from the technology increasingly.

Said fluorescent Bachelet. Florian Bachelier, one of the MPs who chair the task force cyber security and the digital in the National Assembly, which launched in April 2018 to help protect French companies and government agencies from cyber attacks in light of the increasing reliance on foreign companies: “the security and happiness of digital danger here, we must be an example”.

Minister of State for digital in France, Mounir Mahjoub Mounir Mahjoubi, a few days before the decision of Qwant, in reference to the law of the cloud in the United States, a new law allows the United States access to data stored on cloud services, U.S. companies wherever located in the world, saying that France is preparing to respond with other European countries on the effects of this issue.

Although the concept of “digital” is relatively new, but it can be summed up almost as a defense of the country to regain control over his data and data of its citizens, while including in the military aspect of the state’s ability to develop the capacities of cyber security offensive and defensive without relying on technology and foreign-made, either on the economic side, this new concept includes issues that relate to the taxation of large technology companies and create startups locally.

Began to talk about the concept of sovereignty of digital in France with the advent of Edward Snowden Edward Snowden, who in 2013 revealed that the National Security Agency NSA was spying on foreign leaders and has the important ability to access the data stored within the cloud services to private companies, and this was detected as a warning to the politicians to the French.

He explained the report issued in the same year the Senate of the French parliament concern from becoming France and the European Union “Colony Number”, a term used officials, lawyers, government officials, the French since then to about the threat posed by the United States and China on issues of sovereignty, economic, political and technological.

Assisted scandals modern, including Scandal data Facebook Inc. Cambridge Analytica Cambridge Analytica, to increase the apprehension of more of the French politicians and public opinion, as the saying Julien Nocenti. Julien Nocetti, researcher at the French Institute for international relations IFRI, it has realized the politicians that sovereignty Digital was a political issue important with the emergence of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica.

Showed a poll after the scandal that two-thirds of the French do not trust in social networks and on how to use their data, and was the president of France Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron explicit about restoring the independence of France from foreign technology companies, especially in regard to issues of data protection, which show opposition to American companies, Chinese, the dominant policies of the government on digital issues.

Called the macro through the Internet Governance Forum to establish the rules of the stronger to maintain citizens ‘ privacy and access to the internet, where he said on 12 November: “if we don’t organize the internet, the danger would lies in the heart of the democratic foundations”, and added “If we don’t organize the corporate relations of the statements, what is the goal of the democratically elected government if you can’t give citizens the right to control their data, access, and share”.

France adopted at the outset on the issue of regulation and legislation in order to fight the fight about the car, its digital, and has created in 2009 the agency’s defense of the “National Agency for the security of information systems” it to protect its own data infrastructure and the National sensitive, and contributed to the work of the National Agency for the security of information systems it after several years from its inception to the enactment of the cyber security on the national actors sensitive, which was implemented in 2013.

This law formed the model to guide the European network and information security ENISA, an agency of the European Union Network and Information Security Center of expertise in the field of cyber security in Europe, and under this law, it has put France more stringent standards in the field of cyber security companies and state agencies that are vital to the performance of the country.

And Guillaume Poupard, Guillaume Poupard, director of it: “we have taken the decision in France to impose cyber security entities, the most importance in order to buy time and improve the work with them, and we were the first to do it in the world because the context of the French works well with the regulations, it’s a tool in our hands and is accepted politically more than other states.”

And reviewed the General Directorate for internal security of the French DGSI, one of the French intelligence agencies, in 2016 to criticism because of its use of software manufactured by the US company Palantir, a company famous for collaborating with the US National Security Agency NSA, to deal with some data.

And then began the National Agency for the security of information systems it to work with other ministries and companies the French own to build software alternative software, Palantir, also has been the National Agency to develop alternative strategies for cloud services, which are hosted mostly on servers outside the European Union, so that they are able to keep data within Europe without fear of access by companies or foreign states.

Appeared in 2017 initial information about company ARTEMIS, which represents a variant of the French company Palantir of America, is expected to release the first version of its software by the end of 2019, and Guillaume Poupard: “we need to master some techniques to keep our car, we need to develop solutions to be able to deal with data at the European level and not having to rely on other countries.”

Explains the director of the National Agency for the security of information systems it to focus the agency does not focus only on the quality of digital French, but there is interest in coordination and cooperation between all European countries, so that may lead to finding solutions to stronger and more effective, especially in light of the mutual recognition between the member states of the European Union, as saying: “Obviously, we need a strong Europe, not only France is strong, or Germany or England”.

Cooperates France with European countries through multilateral institutions, but it had also forged stronger partnerships through bilateral agreements with Germany and the United Kingdom, according to the board, the relationship with the United Kingdom strong enough to withstand its exit from the European Union, and in 2016 the election of a French official of the National Agency for the security of information systems it to the presidency of the Council of management of the European network and information security ENISA.

The agency has reminded the French that the elections confirm France’s commitment to strengthening cyber security in Europe, despite the fact that cooperation in the field of cyber security may be underway, but analysts are skeptical about the progress of France in the other issues relating to the Digital such as the protection of national data existing on cloud services foreign taxation of the digital giants American and Chinese.

And Julian Nusa: “the discourse of the French today puts himself in the foreground to get more stability of digital, but when looking at what is beyond that it is clear that it is not currently being developed only little, for example, the France tend to use the double letter in relation to the Titans of technology, American Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the gravity of her general critical, but in practice tend to accommodate these companies.

Regrets Bernard Binzhou Bernard Benhamou, a former government official and at the Institute of sovereignty, the Digital, the lack of a car Digital to support the development of the big players in the future, although government speech, say: “we need to think in the quality of digital is not the way of defense, as it happens often, but through the invention of the company of tomorrow, we need to develop industrial policies and Economic to create giant tech companies rule.”

According to Bernard Binzhou, Europe, France, you need to find alternatives to the Giants of the technology the Americans and the Chinese, as they need to support startups that are often bought by American investors, coupled with the need to invest in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The gate Arab News Technical France abandon Google to restore its independence through the internet

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